Sunday, October 16, 2011

FOUND! Bangles for tiny wrists

I was so excited to come across these small sterling silver bangles while adventuring in downtown Mystic, CT this weekend! For the past few years, I've been searching for elegant, silver bangles to fit my toddler-sized wrists (5.5" circumference). I had come across a few potentials here and there, but they were always $50 or more each, which I simply can't do on my college student budget. These little bracelets are pure sterling silver, which is why their $17 price tag surprised me!....

Apparently, the saleswoman at Dexter & Company jewelers told me that had been sitting there for AGES since they didn't fit anyone, so they had to mark down the price considerably. Lucky me! And lucky for you fellow small-wristed ladies too if you visit, since they have several other tiny bracelets.

Dexter & Co. storefront, on Main St. in Mystic CT

I have much more to post about my New England adventures, stay tuned!



Alterations Needed said...

Congrats! They're so cute! Sounds like they were sitting there waiting just for you to snatch them up. :)

Sarah said...

I have really small wrists. Woo!

A.U.G. said...

Did you venture over to the Mystic Seaport Museum? It is an exceptional depiction of an area long forgotten by many. Hope school is going well!

Michelle said...

So glad you found such a nice deal on such nice pieces!

I have very few bracelets for the same reason.

So jealous of your New England adventures!! I want to visit that part of the country so bad!!