Thursday, March 7, 2013

Returning to my blog to deliver this urgent message!

...Well, urgent in fashion terms.

DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM J.CREW FACTORY. The quality is below that of Forever 21. I am totally appalled by the awful quality of the 3 items I've bought there, including this sweater:

It ripped when I was putting it on (without a struggle, by the way- the ease with which it ripped was unnerving). Also, the already low quality of the fabric diminished drastically after I washed it.

I also own a Factory Jackie cardigan that is horribly faded and misshapen (compared to the 3 I have from the regular J.Crew which are holding up wonderfully!), and a pair of shorts with questionably large, weak stitching.

Seriously- my Forever 21 clothes have held up much better.

I hope you are all doing well! I admire the dedication of some of you who have had your blogs for years. I still read them and enjoy your tips and tricks!


Thursday, April 12, 2012

OOTD: Windy Day in Boston

Pants: Gap, Sz. 0 (buy here)
Blazer: Macy's, sz. P/P (old)
Sweater: Vineyard Vines, Seawater Cardigan, sz. XS
T-Shirt: J.Crew, Perfect Tee V-Neck, sz. XS
Bag: Dooney and Bourke

My best friend and I went up to the Boston area  to scope out the neighborhoods (we're moving up there in September!). She managed to capture a decent OOTD photo for me, despite my usual camera troubles. I don't know about you all, but I am LOVING the bright color pants trend. Colored pants have been around for ages, but unfortunately, those trusty brands that carry festive brights tend to be petite unfriendly. Gap's skimmer pants (seen above) fit my short stature perfectly. Next color I wish to snag? Coral.

Your sporadic blogger,

Saturday, March 24, 2012


Hello all, and happy spring! I am sitting here in a bright pair of green pants from Gap (Kelly blogged about the same pair in red over at by a sunny window. Unfortunately, my lack of a suitable camera makes it impossible for me to take decent outfit pictures for this blog anymore, so I'm rarely motivated to blog (what good is telling you about my awesome green pants if you can't see them?). However, lately I have been LOVING tumblr! I know I'm a bit late on the tumblr bandwagon, but I've become addicted these past few weeks.

My tumblr reflects my love for classic style, preppy flair, and New England tastes.
Check it out if you like!

New England style icon Sarah Vickers, in her pair of green pants. I love her style!

P.S. I got accepted to Boston College for grad school! So excited!


Sunday, January 15, 2012

About that hiatus....

Hello, blogosphere! It's been a while. There is a wealth of both silly and legitimate excuses I could give for not posting on here, the main ones being:

1.) I've been applying to grad school (results in a month! Boston College, fingers crossed!)
2.) I've been spending quality time with family and friends (not that blogging detracts from that...)
and, as you know from my last post,
3.) My camera hates me.

I still enjoy reading all your blogs very much! I'm afraid my life is about to get crazy, as I begin student teaching in a week, bringing mixed feelings of anxiety and excitement.
I definitely don't want to disappear from here completely, so depending on which way my mood swings me you may be seeing many more posts, or very few. Either way, know that I'm still loving your blogs, and I'm sure there will be something I'm dying to share with you at some point in the near future!

Your faithful reader (and flaky blogger),

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Blogger's Dilemma: Camera Woes

Hello all,

I am dying to share all kinds of clothing reviews with you, but I'm realizing more and more the importance of having a great camera! My camera (a Canon Powershot- which I THOUGHT was a good camera) cannot seem to capture indoor images without washing them out, or being too blurry. I've tinkered with the ISO quite a bit, and have tried every setting I can think of, but nothing works. So sad! I'm hoping to use my mother's extremely fancy artist's camera when I go home for Thanksgiving break. Please let me know if you have any tips for taking photos with a Powershot automatic :(

Here's hoping I'll have posts up soon!

Friday, October 21, 2011

New England Adventures

I think my love for New England has become more apparent in my recent blog posts, which have centered around Boston and coastal CT. My best friend and I headed up to the Connecticut/Rhode Island border this weekend to explore:

Stonington, CT:
We visited this quaint fishing town on a rather windy day, as you can tell by these photos of me and my friend:

I was glad I decided to wear my hair up! It's hard to discern what I'm wearing in this photo, so I listed my outfit creds further down.

My friend is wearing one of her much-loved pairs of Oakley sunglasses, and is borrowing a favorite color-blocked scarf of mine from Francesca's Collections.

 There was a great farmer's market near the water that day:

There was a great display of fruits, veggies, cheeses and maple syrups for sale.

Did someone lose a claw?

While admittedly searching for a Dunkin Donuts for a bite to eat, my friend and I stumbled across this little restaurant in Pawcatuck, CT called Donna's Cucina:

(My scarf is from J.Crew, my cardigan is an XS from Vineyard Vines.)

We LOVED this place! Not only was the food fresh-tasting and home made, but Donna herself was extremely friendly and welcoming. I'd recommend a visit for anyone who is in the area.

* * *

Our next stop was downtown Mystic, CT, a popular destination that I haven't visited since high school. I loved watching the bridge go up to let the boats through, probably as much as the 5-year-old standing next to me.

'Scuse me coming through!

There were so many cute shops! Preppy favorites were abundant, such as Lilly Pulitzer, Jonathan Adler and Kiel James Patrick.

I got a cute little whale notepad here at Webster Road. 

There were also lots of cute, quirky items in the boutiques, such as these tiny glass animals my friend is pictured rummaging through:

Hunting for an otter.

And of course, I had to get a picture with the whale statue outside the bookstore:

It turns out I also posed for a picture with the whale back in high school:

Circa 2008. 

We ate lunch at a great little restaurant that caught my attention with its brightly-colored facade:

Oyster Club

One of my favorite things about coastal New England towns are the brightly painted doors. I wish to own my own white colonial house with a red door one day, and actually passed by a house that looked as if someone built it based on the vision of my future dream house. I was too in awe to take a photo, unfortunately, and Google images doesn't seem to have any close-enough lookalikes. Oh well! I'll be on the hunt next time I head up to the area.

*   *   *

I just ordered a bunch of new goodies online, including corduroys, tights and to come!


Sunday, October 16, 2011

FOUND! Bangles for tiny wrists

I was so excited to come across these small sterling silver bangles while adventuring in downtown Mystic, CT this weekend! For the past few years, I've been searching for elegant, silver bangles to fit my toddler-sized wrists (5.5" circumference). I had come across a few potentials here and there, but they were always $50 or more each, which I simply can't do on my college student budget. These little bracelets are pure sterling silver, which is why their $17 price tag surprised me!....

Apparently, the saleswoman at Dexter & Company jewelers told me that had been sitting there for AGES since they didn't fit anyone, so they had to mark down the price considerably. Lucky me! And lucky for you fellow small-wristed ladies too if you visit, since they have several other tiny bracelets.

Dexter & Co. storefront, on Main St. in Mystic CT

I have much more to post about my New England adventures, stay tuned!