Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spotlight on: Vineyard Vines

Although the company's only been around since 1998, Vineyard Vines is already a well-loved icon of preppydom that I'm sure you preppy readers already know and love. For those outside the preppy realm, however, the brand's pretty much unknown (my college friends have NO idea what Vineyard Vines is! Remember, my college is in the middle of hippie country). For my petite readers, I'm delighted to tell you that Vineyard Vines is petite-friendly! (yay!) I recently went on a MASSIVE shopping spree at the VV outlet, and thought I'd share a few finds:

 T-shirt: XS Banana Republic
Belt: Vineyard Vines sz XS
Skirt: Vineyard Vines sz 0
for reference, my measurements are 31-25-34, and I'm 5' tall.

This was my first time trying on bottoms at the store, and I was thrilled! (In my past visit to the VV in Southampton, I've only tried on tops such as their susie-fit polos, which I also had success with.) The company doesn't have a petite line, but many of their smaller-sized items have a petite-friendly length and waistline.On me, the size 0 fits well in the waist and especially in the length, which I was really happy about when buying these shorts:

I got this picture from the website, since my pair is back at my parents house. I bought them in a lovely shade of blue (my oh-so-favorite color), and was very happy with the length, which was flattering to my shortness without being "hooker shorts," as my mom would call them. I also liked the lack of frills on the waistline, which gets in the way when I choose to wear them underneath my shirts rather than over.

They also had a seriously adorable collection of belts, and although the belts covered in little whales and pina coladas were too cute, I opted for this beautiful rope knot design that I could wear regardless of the season:

Unlike Ann Taylor and J.Crew's outlet stores, Vineyard Vines' outlet carries clothes from the actual store that are not made for the outlets (shocking!). Therefore their clothes are of the same quality as the clothing in their regular stores, but are usually from the past seasons. Now I know not to pay full-price for store staples like their polos, since I can get the same shirts for half-off at their outlets!

Blogger ROS over at Cincinnati Prep is giving away either a Vineyard Vines or Lilly Pulitzer drink coozie, depending on the winner's choice! The VV ones feature the adorable pink whale logo, and the Lilly ones come in a super pretty Lilly-style floral design. Check out his prep-tastic blog and his giveaway here.

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ROS said...

Thanks for reposting!

Michelle said...

Great finds! That belt is a wise you said, it works for all seasons! Yay!

It is nice to know that their outlets carry the "real" clothes! :p

cRk said...

I love your skirt and belt!!!

ShortBlonde said...

Thanks, cRk!

Aubrey said...

I want that skirt!!! Vineyard Vines you say? Hmm..

Lindsey Paris said...

Nice picks. While they are petite friendly, they are not pear-shape friendly! Everything is for a slim shape!