Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The easiest clothing fix ever.

Many of us petite ladies have been there: you spy a cute sleeveless/tank top or dress you love, only to discover in the dressing room that the neckline plunges down too low for comfort. Don't be so quick to put it back on the rack! A strap adjustment is one of the easiest fixes you can make, and it makes such a difference in the way a top or dress can fit.

All you have to do is find the seam that's usually in the middle of the strap (if it isn't there, create one!), and fold the strap down evenly (see above) to create a new seam. When your done, trim the excess fabric, and voila! It's an easy, hand-sewable job that can make a huge difference in the way a top or dress fits. I'm glad it worked on my new Forever 21 striped top:

This wonderfully versatile (and inexpensive!) top will be featured in my next post, Petite Fashion 
Challenge #9: Summer to Fall.
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Classes start tomorrow for me, it's time to get into academic mode! Are any of you starting school again as well?

Staying studious (and stylish),


Bridget said...

I've done this with the elastic back of a halter top that was just a little too big. I just cinched the elastic tighter and sewed it together. This way sounds easier, though. Thanks for the tip!

vvvv said...
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Caroline Hallemann said...

Thanks for your comment! I'm so excited about J.Crew's new fall stuff too. Now if only I had an unlimited budget!!

M said...

Oh my gosh, why did I never think of that ? Been suffering all these years with long straps. Thank you !!!