Friday, October 21, 2011

New England Adventures

I think my love for New England has become more apparent in my recent blog posts, which have centered around Boston and coastal CT. My best friend and I headed up to the Connecticut/Rhode Island border this weekend to explore:

Stonington, CT:
We visited this quaint fishing town on a rather windy day, as you can tell by these photos of me and my friend:

I was glad I decided to wear my hair up! It's hard to discern what I'm wearing in this photo, so I listed my outfit creds further down.

My friend is wearing one of her much-loved pairs of Oakley sunglasses, and is borrowing a favorite color-blocked scarf of mine from Francesca's Collections.

 There was a great farmer's market near the water that day:

There was a great display of fruits, veggies, cheeses and maple syrups for sale.

Did someone lose a claw?

While admittedly searching for a Dunkin Donuts for a bite to eat, my friend and I stumbled across this little restaurant in Pawcatuck, CT called Donna's Cucina:

(My scarf is from J.Crew, my cardigan is an XS from Vineyard Vines.)

We LOVED this place! Not only was the food fresh-tasting and home made, but Donna herself was extremely friendly and welcoming. I'd recommend a visit for anyone who is in the area.

* * *

Our next stop was downtown Mystic, CT, a popular destination that I haven't visited since high school. I loved watching the bridge go up to let the boats through, probably as much as the 5-year-old standing next to me.

'Scuse me coming through!

There were so many cute shops! Preppy favorites were abundant, such as Lilly Pulitzer, Jonathan Adler and Kiel James Patrick.

I got a cute little whale notepad here at Webster Road. 

There were also lots of cute, quirky items in the boutiques, such as these tiny glass animals my friend is pictured rummaging through:

Hunting for an otter.

And of course, I had to get a picture with the whale statue outside the bookstore:

It turns out I also posed for a picture with the whale back in high school:

Circa 2008. 

We ate lunch at a great little restaurant that caught my attention with its brightly-colored facade:

Oyster Club

One of my favorite things about coastal New England towns are the brightly painted doors. I wish to own my own white colonial house with a red door one day, and actually passed by a house that looked as if someone built it based on the vision of my future dream house. I was too in awe to take a photo, unfortunately, and Google images doesn't seem to have any close-enough lookalikes. Oh well! I'll be on the hunt next time I head up to the area.

*   *   *

I just ordered a bunch of new goodies online, including corduroys, tights and to come!


3 comments: said...

I need to go there soon...I actually never been to New England...I want to go to boston soon!

Pink and Green Moms said...

That looks like so much fun. It has been *forever* since I've been to CT!

A.U.G. said...

You both look as though you thoroughly enjoyed this. Looks like another exceptional travel experience.