Thursday, July 28, 2011

Down by the bay...

Sorry for the delay in posts (I have a big clothing review coming up!) but after coming back from LI, I've been consumed with camp life. The craziness of a 7am-6pm (and sometimes overnight) workday has me wishing I was I was back here:

Going for my first sail (with our junior skipper Lucas) on the Great Peconic Bay! I love how we're practically the same height, and he's 9 years old.

Tank top: LOFT, sz. XS
Shorts: Vineyard Vines, sz. 0
Belt: Vineyard Vines

I've mentioned before (possibly too often?) that I love boatnecks. Imagine my delight when I accidentally put on my tank top (reviewed here) backwards one day, and discovered the new boatneck look not only seemed like it was meant to be worn that way, but looked BETTER than it did when worn the correct way! There's no telltale tag, either, so I'm definitely going to wear it backwards from now on. Hooray for accidental fashion discoveries.

I hope you are all managing to find some time to relax and get some beach time in. I'll leave you with this picture, our five-year-old friend Abby who loves nothing more than to slurp on raw clams from the bay:


I guess it's an acquired taste.


Michelle said...

I love your "new" boatneck!

The water looks great! The raw clams, though...eek!

Glad you are enjoying your summer! Looking forward to the clothing review!

Raulston said...

You look great on the water & it sounds like camp is a whole lot more fund than doing rounds in the er for summer internship.

Kate said...

Love the photo of you on the boat. So nautical! Do you want to be featured in my nautical outfit of the week post? Let me know!