Sunday, April 17, 2011

Shopping hits and misses (+ pretty fabric and ribbons)

All of my housemates decided to go home for Passover weekend (most of them are Jewish), so I decided to go home too, since I get spooked when I'm at our college house alone (every noise is a burglar, obviously). I decided to take advantage of being home by going to our nearby mall, hoping to get some good finds. Here's what I found:

Hit: Striped shirt from J.Crew, XXS

[high-waist shorts- Zara (0), skinny belt, J.Crew (xs)]
I love stripes! And I was super excited to find an XXS in-store! I asked one of the sales associates about it, and he said they've been gradually getting more and more XXS sizes shipped to the store. Has your local J.Crew been stocking XXS in-store?
I love the flattering sleeve-length of this shirt, and its long length will prevent inevitable dryer shrinkage from shrinking the shirt to belly-bearing status. It does look a bit strange with jeans pre-dryer, however, so I will most likely wear this shirt tucked in to skirts and shorts.

Hit: Tank top from LOFT, XS

I have a tank-top buying problem. However, I only have one other tank like this one, which has bra-hiding straps, a flattering neckline, and a long length. Plus, I love the color. And I got it for 8 bucks with LOFT's awesome 40% off entire purchase promotion. Finally, a successful LOFT purchase! However..

Miss: Dress from LOFT, XSP
Tank tops aside, I am definitely not an XSP in LOFT. I love the color of this simple, casual dress (I am desperately trying to find casual dresses that fit), but it hangs on me like a potato sack. I tried to find an XXSP online only to find out this color was sold out. Boo.

Kinda-Miss: Striped shirt from Ann Taylor, XSP

I actually really liked this shirt (stripes, again). But...I don't need a long-sleeved tee. Plus it was too long, which isn't good for long-sleeved shirts since I normally wear them with jeans and a belt ("belt bumps" are not attractive), and the shirt over jeans makes my bottom half look unproportionally wide. I love how the sleeves fit, though, but otherwise I just didn't love it enough.

*   *   *   *

I also took a trip to Fabric Tree with my mom, who was looking to get fabric for a cushion. I had a grand ol' time wandering around the store and taking pictures of pretty and interesting fabrics. I always have a soft spot for blue toile:

And I also loved this delicate pink design:

I also found some cute nautical ribbons...

Whales! ...and dolphins!

This has Cape Cod written all over it.

Can't stop thinking about the summertime, so lately my eyes have been drawn to everything bright and beachy.

P.S. Happy Palm Sunday to all of those who celebrate! Got my palm in church today, and have NO idea what to do with it...


Maddie said...

I really love the coral dress. I just bought a coral sweater and a coral tank to put under pieces, trying to add in the spring color!

Erin said...

I love that J Crew striped top! Very cute. I'm gonna clean my closet out and look for some dresses for you! I have a few that come to mind ... hopefully they aren't too big!

Michelle said...

Cute J. Crew find!! I am not sure if my local J. Crew is stocking of them just closed down. :( I will have to check the other one soon.

cRk said...

Love the stripe shirts! I am leaving you an award on my blog!!