Thursday, April 14, 2011

2 Polyvore Outfits

I created two outfits on Polyvore, both featuring my very-loved J.Crew flutter tank (I actually bought it based on a review by Jean over at Extra Petite!). The weather has been very fickle here in NY, so I made outfits for cold and warm weather.

For Colder Weather:

Flutter Tank Outfit 1

This layered look is versatile and cute while still being warm!

For Warmer Weather:
Flutter Tank Outfit 2

 (I feel like a margarita went well with this summery outfit!) I wouldn't be wearing the over-sized Gucci sunglasses on my round face, but I imagine they'd look great with this outfit on someone with the right face shape.

My posts over the next week or two will probably be somewhat brief, since the end-of-the-semester crackdown is in full swing.

Looking forward to summer,