Monday, April 4, 2011

Sperry to the rain boot rescue! & a Lilly Pulitzer lament

Finally, I found a pair of size 5 rain boots! My mom found these Sperry Top-Sider lovelies online for me:

They may not be covered in little whales like I wanted, but these boots will go with everything I wear!

If you didn't see my previous post about rain boots, I've been having an extremely hard time finding size 5 rain boots for less than 100 bucks. This pair was originally 68, but I got them on sale for 46. Yay! I never thought of Sperry for rain boots...but hey, now I know. And unlike other trusty outdoor shoe companies (ahem, L.L.Bean) they carry size 5! Well done, Sperry, and shame on you, L.L. Bean.

Another company that I'm unhappy with is Lilly. Lilly Pulitzer, unfortunately, is not petite friendly. For those of you unfamiliar with Lilly's adorably bright styles, here's a few:
Lilly's prints make me feel all warm and sunny when I look at them, but not when I wear them. I own one Lilly dress (I'll get a picture soon!), the only one that's ever decently fit when I've tried it on due to its simply (though abnormally for Lilly) stretchy cotton fit. I've lusted over adorable print after adorable print, yet haven't found a petite-friendly style yet. Many other petite women also have complained of a dishonest size 0, as I've found while perusing the Re-Lilly group on facebook. The Re-Lilly group allows Lilly lovers to buy and sell their secondhand and new items to each other, often for a great price. Those who are selling their sz. 0 clothing more often than not will say they're selling it because it's too large. So sad! I'm always on the lookout, though, hoping that I'll magically come across a Lilly item that happens to fit.

Are there any companies out there that you're unhappy with sizing-wise?
 I know all too well that many women have issues with store sizing, whether its a lack of petite-friendly items, too-short skirts and shirts, or too-skinny jeans.

Stay optimistic,


Cee said...

I'm so glad you were able to find rainboots in your size. The print is so cute! I bet you can't wait for rain now :)

I too, love Lilly's designs but due to price point, I haven't yet bought any items. I love J.Crew but their sizing runs big, so I'm sad to hear LP's do too. Boo!

Sundresses and Smiles said...

i just bought the lilly "whit shift" and it works really well for my 5'3 height! for most girls it would be a bit too short, but perfect for me! you might have to try it! as for me..i can't remember the last time i fit in a 0, so i can't really comment on their dresses in terms of that...good luck finding one you like that fits well!

Michelle said...

Glad you found rain boots! That was on my list this winter, but did not happen. :p

Gosh, there are so many companies that I wish offered better sizing.

Aubrey said...

How cuuuuuute is that yellow dress? Damn you, Lilly!!

Anonymous said...

I, too, have lusted after Lilly P's clothing for many years and would love to see a petite line! I've struggled all my life to find clothing that fits my small and short frame, not to mention shoes for my size 4.5/5 feet. As I got older, I found Talbot's and fell in love. Lately, though, their clothes are getting larger and I'm finding far fewer items that fit. They need a 00 now! They also need to fully understand that ankle pants do NOT flatter petite gals (unless very high heels are worn). For shoes, my "go to" had been Zappos for quite a few years, but the styles since the company changed hands have really gone down hill. Being short and small is terribly frustrating! All tips are welcome! P.S. I agree with you about LLB not carrying smaller shoe sizes! Boo!!!