Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Don't you love...

how listening to an old mix CD or getting a whiff of a perfume you used to wear can totally bring you back to a different place in time?
I wore this Adidas perfume on my first date!
when a piece of clothing that looks really good on the rack looks just as good on you (or better!) in the dressing room?

I only wish things at J.Crew EVER looked as good on me as they do in the store!
the smile on a kid's face when you buy a cup of lemonade from their stand?

My adorable 7-yr-old neighbor and her best friend were selling lemonade across the street earlier today- only their cups were a dollar each! This isn't them, of course. Just a picture I found on Google. :)

that fresh, pretty feeling you get when you get a new hair cut, or have your nails painted a new color?

Right now I'm loving OPI's "Paint My Moji-toes Red"
how iced coffee can simultaneously cool you down and rev you up?

Yum! These help me survive the long, hot days working at camp.

*   *   *

Sorry for not posting more! Blogger hasn't been letting me post photos (did this happen to anyone else?), but also, I've been busy doing some MAJOR room redecorating at my parent's house, considering I'll be moving back after I graduate.  My bedroom is starting to look less like a ten-year-old girly girl's floral explosion, and more like an empty collection of furniture. Yuck! I'll post pictures soon, and maybe all of you fashionable readers would be able to give me some interior decorating advice.



Seashells and Southern Belles said...

ahhhh old cds are the best. I love to listen to all of my college ones. Welll I do, but they kind of make me sad at the same time, haha. Makes me want to go back!