Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Finding the silver lining.

Today I found out some disappointing news. I can't go on the camp staff Adirondacks/Lake George trip, which I have been looking forward to for months, because I'm not 21 yet. Although I went last year (and had an absolute blast), the owner of the property does not want us under-21s on site (for liability issues I'm sure.) What makes it worse is not only do I turn 21 in a few months, but there's only 2 of us underage, so the entire rest of the staff gets to go.

From last year's trip

Major disappointment. I was upset for the rest of the evening after I found out. But, as I've learned from being someone who does not handle disappointment well, I need to learn to cope! First, I allow myself to be upset and dwell on my disappointment for a bit- I think "getting the sad out," as I call it, is necessary. I get all my negative feelings out of my system once and for all. Next, I take charge of the situation and turn it into something positive. I called up my best friend, who had invited me to her house in Rhode Island that weekend originally, and asked if I could still come since I had a change of plans. She said yes, and now I have a fun-filled beach weekend ahead of me! Nighttime beach fireworks and all.

Misquamicut, RI! I used to go to my friend's beach house here every summer.

Sometimes it's not about finding the silver lining, it's about creating it. I hope to come back from this weekend's festivities with fun news and photos to share. :)
What are you doing this 4th of July weekend?
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Hope you all have a great holiday,


New England Prep said...

Awwww sorry you can't go... but have fun in RI!! Happy 4th :)

bloomedinjune said...

happy 4th of July! In Canada, we have a long weekend too-since Canada Day (our 4th of July) is tomorrow!

I'm also your newest (and 50th!) follower and I'm loving your blog!