Thursday, June 9, 2011

Help! How should I re-design my room? (+ a lovely Lilly giveaway!)

My room is LONG overdue for a makeover. Mind you, this is my bedroom at my parent's house, which I've lived in since I was 9, and currently live in only during breaks off from school. And nothing in it has changed since I was 9, either! However, I'll be moving back home after I graduate next year, so it's about time for my outdated room to get a classy face lift.

I've removed a whole bunch of stuff (including the curtains), and now I'm left with an empty-looking collection of furniture. Here's what we're working with:

I don't know if you feel the same, but being in a mismatched unsightly room makes me feel unhappy and anxious. There's a definite lack of harmony. (Speaking of which...does anyone know anything about feng shui?)
However, even in the pictures above, my room looks better than it used to, as it was once decked out in floral EVERYTHING (my mom got a coordinating room set from Sears, I think.) Here's all that remains of the floral curtains, bedspread and dust ruffle:

Good riddance!

I'm in a rut for design ideas, though, especially since I have a blue carpet, which limits what I can do with the color scheme, and a limited budget as well.
So what do you all think- how would you redesign my room?
  • What color would the walls be?
  • How would you arrange the furniture?
  • What color would the curtains and bedspread be?
  • What sort of decorative accents should I have? (Something needs to go in-between those windows...)

    Thanks so much! I'd appreciate any ideas and insight you have.
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In other news, I came across a wonderful giveaway on the Re-Lilly blog:

Look at all of this lovely Lilly stuff she's giving away! What a great package! If you'd like to enter, check out the page here.

Can't wait to have a pretty room,


Maddie said...

I think a light green or tan for the walls!

Southern Belle said...

I love Re-Lilly! Good luck with your room re-decorating! I am uncreative with stuff like that, but love seeing other people's ideas.

Mississippi Girl said...

When I saw your comment I was hoping you'd have pictures of your room/decorating ideas! Tips/stuff I did when deciding on my room theme is look at Pinterest and tumblr for rooms you love. Obviously these are a bit ornate, but they can give you a good feel to what you want your room to be! Then see if they have a common theme (mine was vintage) and go from there! A wonderful thing is craft blogs because usually their crafts are easy and cheap. I love Jones Design Co.
and all her crafts!
For my bed pictures (I have way more than I put on my blog!) I googled 'comfiest bed ever'. I know, kind of silly. Doing all this made everything a lot easier!
Hope all this helps :)

Diana said...

Ideas - check out They have a lot of interesting, low-budget decorating pictures. I also am an organizational freak so I enjoy the magazine itself.

I'd say start with the bedspread. Find one that speaks to you. I like the ones at Crate & Barrel, and they are reasonably priced as well. Bedspreads change a room quicker than anything else. (I'd get a full or queen for now. They look fine on a twin and then you can keep it for when you have a larger bed.)

Then have fun with throw pillows. Add pops of color. Think of it like shoes or accessories in an outfit.

I didn't feel the need to redo my home room after I moved out, but you could also look into desks. You can find good ones at ebay or at my standbys, Crate & Barrel, Scandinavian Design, or Ikea. I'm not sure what your taste in furniture is; check out Cupcakes & Cashmere blog for someone who has totally different taste than I do (but much more interesting).

Also, hang stuff on the walls! They look lonely. I got rid of most of my sports trophies a while ago but if you like them, then keep them. I am much more into books so that's what I choose to display, along with postcards of places I have been.

If you have fashion sense you have decorating sense. They are similar, except it's much easier to find the right size for your room.

Good luck!