Friday, March 11, 2011

the Friday Favorite: Suzi Sells Sushi by the Seashore

Strange title, right? 
It's actually the name of my new favorite nail polish, Suzi Sells Sushi by the Seashore by OPI:

I haven't been a big nail polish fan these past few years. My go-to look has been some quickly slicked on clear polish, just for a bit of shine. However, one very winter-bluesy day I decided to paint my nails an actual color for a change (a bright coral color) and decided I loved the look! The stuff was cheap, though, and unfortunately started to chip instantly. One of my nail polish-obsessed friends recommended OPI, so I headed over to my local nail salon and spent an awkward 20 minutes trying to decide which shade I wanted to get (there were so many choices!).

Pretty pink Suzi was the winner: elegant, not too loud, and a perfect match for my skin tone:

Do you have a favorite nail polish brand/color? Or do you prefer to keep it natural?

**Note: Each Friday I'll be featuring a style-related "favorite" of the week. This week it's nail polish, next week....who knows?** :)

Have a pretty weekend,


Town and Country Prep said...

I love Butter brand nail polish! It's based out of London but you can get it here in the States. I bought two colors when I was down at Foxwoods last month.

curls-and-pearls said...

That colour is so pretty! I only use one brand Avon - I sell it and get a discount so I can't bring myself to pay $10+ for nail polish LOL! My favorite colour is always changing, I'm being drawn to really bright colours right now - probably longing for sunnier days ;)