Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Neutral Heels (and small feet woes)

Women seem to be born with an innate passion for shoes. We often get teased by (straight) men who don't understand how we can never have enough shoes- but as we all know, there is a limitless amount of styles, heel heights and colors to be had! We need casual cold weather shoes, fancy cold weather shoes, shoes to go with our new dress, shoes that look good with skinny jeans, etc., and trying on lovely pair after lovely pair of heels makes the whole shoe-shopping process all too fun....

....for most. If you're like me and have awkwardly shaped size 5 feet, shoe shopping can be hell!  Most stores don't even carry size 5, and if they do, it's that ONE pair of really ugly and outlandish high heel sneakers, or a modest librarian-like pair of black pumps (which I own). This is why I love Zappos!

Even if I don't find something I like or that's in my price range, I take comfort in the fact that Zappos will always have a decent selection of size 5s, with free shipping/returns and a super-fast delivery to boot. Along with my currently unsuccessful hunt for rain boots, I've also been on the hunt for neutral heels. Neutrals are very "in" this season (according to Harper's Bazaar), but the real reason I want a pair is simply for formal occasions in warm weather (and something to match a favorite Ann Taylor dress!). Something sexy but classy, neutral but not boring. And not insanely priced, either. My hunt led me to this pair here:

I love the piping, which adds flattering structure and just a bit of snazziness. The reviews for the shoe are all over the place, though, so the jury's out until these arrive in the mail!

Here are some other neutral-toned heels that I saw and loved (but aren't the right price or size):

Elizabeth and James

Anne Klein

Nine West

Do you have a favorite pair of neutral-toned shoes? If not, what's your preferred formal shoe for warm weather?



Maddie said...

I just bought some great me too neutral heels from Nordstrom rack for $40! They are adorable. But I like the Elizabeth and James you posted!

AubreyOhDang! said...

try being a 3.5. ppl pick up your shoes as if they're doll shoes.

so hard to find shoes. tear.