Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Oh LOFT, the constant disappointment!

Sorry for the lack of fashion-related posts, but I'm waiting to go home for spring break and get my spring/summer clothes back up here. I'm also waiting for the stores to get their new spring lines in- bring on the pretty skirts and sundresses!
I did take a trip to the mall recently though, and noticed there was a fantastic sale at LOFT, a known petite-friendly store. What do I find when I go in? The same thing I find EVERY time I go into a LOFT:

1.) SERIOUSLY small petite selection.
Just head to the waay backk...yes, that one wall there.

2.) Ugly clothes, or an entire wall of blazers and cardigans (which I don't need.)
All the cute clothes? Those would be in the regular-sized section. Where are all the lovely items that I've see online? Not here, obviously!
 (You're cute, pink cardigan, but you're not what I'm looking for!)

3.) Tops that don't fit...at all.
You're XXSP tag is deceiving!

I recall that this twist shell got a poor review on fit from a blogger- give us the link to your post if it's you.

Yet what do I love about LOFT that keeps me coming back? Their PANTS! <3
Their pants have a true petite fit. Nice and short, but their slacks are just long enough to cover a pair of heels, and their skinny jeans stop right at the foot!

A 00P always fits me perfectly. However, I am not in need of pants. I bought a bunch of LOFT slacks in the fall for student teaching/fieldwork, and 2 pairs of jeans over the summer, and I'm set. Therefore, I haven't had a successful trip to LOFT in ages.
I guess LOFT caters mainly to a professional wardrobe, but I see cute stuff online that I could definitely rock casually. I'm just afraid to buy online since their stuff never fits me in-store!

What are your LOFT experiences, if any? 



Stylepint said...

Oddly enough, I like their tops in XXS but I can't fit their bottoms at all. LOL. I'm pickier about LOFT since the quality is a hit or miss so I don't have many LOFT items. =)

Alterations Needed said...

LOFT's pants are the closest I've ever found to fitting correctly right off the rack. Usually just a few minor alterations (like taking in a waist gap) and they're perfect! I feel LOFT's tops have been getting better this season (as far as fit goes). The armholes have been drastically improved from past seasons.

Cee said...

I recently discovered LOFT jeans and could not be happier. I find myself never reaching for my old jeans anymore, haha. I'm bigger than you, so I'm actually ok with their XXS-XS tops. I know certain stores understocked the petite line, so you could always buy online and return the ones that don't work out?

ShortBlonde said...

Cee- Yes, buying online is definitely the best option considering the stores that I've seen had a weak selection! I'm hesitant though, considering the tops I've tried on in-store never seem to fit.