Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Today's outfit + flattering colors: what's your "season?"

 I went shopping this weekend and was dying to wear one of my new purchases today, so I decided I would wear my new Banana Republic button-down shirt. Although I got it for student teaching, I wanted to see if I could wear it casually:

Cardigan: XSP, Banana Republic, last year.
Button-Down Sateen Shirt: XXSP Banana Republic (buy here)
Skinny Belt: S, J.Crew
Jeans: 25x29, Forever 21 (buy here)
Camisole: Super old. Who knows.
Boots (Can't really see, but they're knee-high black suede): Size 5, Ralph lauren
Bag: Nine West

Of course, what struck my attention about the BR shirt was its fabulously blue color! I'm very drawn to blue clothes after years of being told that blue is "my color." Everyone seems to have their own flattering color...my green-eyed, brunette aunt looks fabulous in olive, and my dark-haired, brown-eyed friend looks striking in magenta. Considering my entire immediate family has blue eyes and fair skin, we all tend to gravitate towards blues.

There's some kind of science behind flattering colors, which author Carole Jackson made known in her popular 80's book Color Me Beautiful:

(and it still has the 80's cover, too!!) 

Let me just say, this book is AWESOME. It's alright that it's outdated, because flattering colors are timeless and universal (Although the shoulder pads featured in this book's photographs are NOT!) :) Everyone has a season depending on his/her skin tone and hair/eye color. Because I have fair skin with cool undertones, dark blond hair and blue eyes, I'm a Summer. The book has a flattering color palette for each season, which is really helpful to know while shopping and debating whether or not a color is "right" for you or not...especially when your girls aren't there to give a nod of approval.

To find out what season you are, take the test here.

Once you find out your season, you can check out blogger PinkPlaidPhotography's post on color palettes to find out what colors best suit you. 

So are you a spring, summer, fall or winter?



cRk said...

What an adorable outfit!!! You are too cute!!

Cee said...

Love how you layered this outfit. Nice job!

Blue is my color too... along with white, and black, and gray. Heck, just about anything that goes with blue :)

ShortBlonde said...

Thank you so much ladies! :)

Jen HaHA said...

Would you call that a boyfriend cardigan? I like the sateen top.

I guess I'm a winter. I thought it would also ask about my skin tone. I'm in good company with Courteney Cox and Elizabeth Taylor.
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ShortBlonde said...

Jen- It fits me like a boyfriend cardigan, but I don't think that's how it's ideally meant to fit! It's a bit longer than I would like (it's not petite) but the sleeve length is perfect.